Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Story behind our 12 New Teas

Written by Kevin, Rishi Tea Head Blender

Kevin with a hand blended batch of our award-winning Cinnamon Plum

The way we taste is extremely personal and inarguable: No one can tell you what to like. Marketing notwithstanding, our taste buds are our own. A beverage designed to appeal to everyone rarely does. Looked at from another angle, products created with a specific function in mind--sleep aid, rejuvenator, brain tonic--are generally consumed for that specific function and not for their flavor. As much as they were intended to be enjoyed, they're more often than not simply tolerated for the good of one's health. We sometimes struggle with drinking things that are beneficial. Holding your nose to ease the medicine down, still somehow relates as an adult.

That reality is exactly the reasoning behind the development of our New Blends.

Drawing upon my 10 years of experience as Rishi's Master Blender and R&D Specialist, I strive to create products that are healthful as well as flavorful, melding the knowledge, skill and passion of our development team with the opportunities that exist in the under-represented, functional, full-leaf tea and herb categories.

We wanted to bring to market products that served specific functions and still had a taste to be craved. Because, ultimately, we drink what we like and always return to what pleases us.

So, for me, the impetuous behind a blend like Organic Hot Rod was less than altruistic: I wanted a new daily, go-to tea. I love Japanese greens and Taiwanese oolongs. These are my favorite styles of tea. Their clarity, depth and energy are remarkable, their history humbling. But, like most people with jobs, I have a busy schedule that doesn't always allow time for the attention to detail and reverence for preparation that these teas deserve. So, along comes Hot Rod!

Organic Hot Rod has the strength to live up to its name and the subtlety and complexity to satisfy an admitted tea elitist. And the blend's versatility means it can be enjoyed hot or iced. I have a jug of Hot Rod in my fridge right now.

We also wanted to offer a range of tastes from challenging and adventurous--Organic Turmeric Ginger and Bergamot Sage--to comforting--Organic Chocolate Maté Chai--that would allow people to explore the diversity of possibility in artisanal tea and herb pairings.

Organic Turmeric Ginger has a powerful profile driven by the pungency of its namesake ingredients. Its color and strength in the cup are remarkable and extremely enlivening. This blend is the result of Rishi's founding owner, Joshua Kaiser's desire to challenge the market and his continued faith in its ability to understand and appreciate bold innovation.

While, on the other hand, Organic Chocolate Maté Chai's creation was meant as a reward to adulthood. This blend has the smooth texture of hot cocoa, but a depth of character that the late night stand-by can't touch. Organic Pu-erh tea, shade-grown Organic Yerba Maté and Ayervedic longevity herbs like Organic Long Pepper lend a nuanced richness and complexity that force your taste buds to pay attention. This is truly a grown-up indulgence.

Our other new blends are equally intriguing, diverse and, with all due modesty, delicious. There’s no reason to wait for your body to need them; you'll just want them. And no need to hold your nose.

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Dave said...

These teas are amazing. The Chocolate Chai blew me away the first time I had it. I think my favorite part of it is the kick that the long pepper provides. It's reminiscent of a "Mayan" hot chocolate but with a flavor profile still minutely akin to a traditional chai. Well done Rishi!