Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pussimbing Darjeeling Black Tea

We are very excited to offer a special Darjeeling - Second Flush Darjeeling Select - Pussimbing Estate black tea is one of our new favorites!

This limited batch was the best tea we tasted from Darjeeling this year. This was one of the hardest years to find good quality Darjeeling tea.  The region was hit by back-to-back drought quality years and high quality was way down.  We were so lucky to find this one from the Pussimbing Organic Fair Trade Tea Estate.

Pussimbing Tea Estate is situated East of Darjeeling, just below the famous “Tiger Hill” and is famous for its misty ambiance which helps to produce a completely  different, exclusive variety of teas.

The history behind the local name, Pussimbing, is that it is a combination of 2 words “Pasang”(name/community) and “Ung” (water source).

It is said that a monk named "Pasang" searching for water near Darjeeling found several sources of water in the valley on the hills where the present Pussimbing Tea Estate is situated. Due to abundance of water tea could be cultivated with ease and the British Planters expanded it into a fully commercial plantation sometime in the year 1911.

Today Pussimbing makes some of the finest Bio-Organic teas produced in the Darjeeling District and a distinctive feature of the teas produced here are that they have a natural fruity fragrance and taste.

This is one of the highest elevation gardens in the district and also produces some of the finest Darjeeling Green Teas.

Elevation: 1500 Mts. to 2200 metres above sea level
Total Crop: 80 MT annually
Total Gross Area: 400 Hectares
Total Planed Area: 201 Hectares
Jats of tea planted :Both Original Darjeeling seed (China ) & High Quality Assam Hybrid
Workers Employed: 531

Status: 100 % Certified Bio-Organic since 1997 (Fair Trade since 1995)

Fair Trade Details
A. Number of families covered -   650
B. Utilization of  Fair Trade premiums :
  1.)  Distribution of  Livestock (cows) amongst workers
  2.)  Distribution of  LPG cylinders and stoves to workers for cooking
  3.)  Repair and construction of Village roads

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chandradeep79 said...

well liked the history about the place i was born but regarding some facts like distributing of (livestocks) cows is unheard and the LPG cyliders are true but the cylinders are filled by the garden owner once in a year.