Monday, December 29, 2008

One Day Web Sales!

Rishi Tea's One Day Web Sales are only available through the New Year! Check daily for deep discounts on premium teas and artisan teaware.

Featured Today Only:
100% Premium Tealeaf Powder Set

This set includes 1 box (12 packets per box) of each 100% Premium Tealeaf Powder flavor:

Genmai Green Tea
Green Oolong Tea
Sencha Green Tea

Rishi tealeaf powders are all natural, antioxidant rich, low in caffeine and easy to prepare. Just mix with cold or hot water and drink up!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Changes at

A letter from Rishi Tea founder, Joshua Kaiser, announcing our new website price restructuring. We hope it encourages more to taste premium organic loose-leaf teas!

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to announce Rishi Tea’s website price restructuring, effective today. We strive to offer the best price-to-quality ratio in the premium loose-leaf tea market by working directly at origin and dealing directly with our customers. As technology has advanced, our website has expanded, offering an extensive amount of information on tea origin and varietal as well as our own travels to origin. As such, our loyal customer base has grown beyond our expectations.

In 2001, we developed our online pricing to encourage the purchase of larger bulk bags. There are many advantages to buying in bulk, in particular the environmental impact of using less energy and fewer materials. Our new pricing keeps the cost incentive for purchasing larger bulk portions (a 10% savings for each size upgrade in most cases), but offers a significantly reduced price on smaller portions.

With over 200 teas and botanicals to choose from, I hope that our pricing restructure will encourage you to expand your palate and travel the world vicariously through the taste of Rishi’s origin direct teas. Each tea offers a unique flavor and style that reflects its origin, varietal, vintage and artisan method of production. As tea lovers, we urge you to appreciate loose-leaf tea in the same way you would appreciate a fine wine. Brew it properly using appropriate teaware, savor its nuance and complexity, and most of all enjoy the experience.


Joshua Kaiser
Founder, Rishi Tea

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cooking with Organic Cinnamon Plum

Our lovely friend Dawnya at and used Rishi's limited seasonal blend- Organic Cinnamon Plum as the base for a delicious holiday jam/syrup. You can follow the step-by-step instructions for her recipe in the video below. Enjoy!