Monday, November 24, 2008

More green tea, less colds please

In an article entitled "Preventing and Treating Winter Colds" published by The Herb Companion, green tea was listed as an herbal and natural approach to preventing colds.

From The Herb Companion:

"Green tea (Camellia sinensis).
University of Florida researchers gave healthy adults either a placebo or green tea capsules twice a day. Three months later, the tea group reported significantly fewer colds.

No other herbs have been shown to prevent colds. However, several boost immune function against viruses, so it’s a good bet they help prevent colds."

That's great news for us, we love our green tea!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No to GMOs! Yes to Organic!

Grist reports on the Austrian government's recent results of a long-term study showing that mice fed genetically modified corn had lower birth rates and fewer offspring than their control-group peers.

According to the article, as much as 80 percent of processed food available in the United States contain GMO ingredients.

Support organic agriculture to ensure no genetically modified organisms in your food or your offspring!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rishi Tea interview on MPTV!

This Saturday November 15th at 6:12 pm cnt, Susana Mojica of Rishi Tea will appear live on MPTV's Holiday Auction. Tune in to Channel 10 for a chance to win a year long Tea of the Month membership and support your local community!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On buying Local, Organic and Fair-Trade

UW Milwaukee Green Fair

Tue, Dec 6th from 10-2pm @ UWM Student Union, Milwaukee, WI

The UW Milwaukee Green Fair provides a wonderful opportunity for local green businesses to come together, interact with the younger community, provide eco-friendly, hand-made, and fair trade gifts that are made with compassion for the artisans as well as the environment.

It’s imperative to build awareness of this dire movement as large corporations continue to increase their ecological footprint for the sake of profit, as our country continues to drill for oil, as mountaintop removal continues to destroy our country's biological diversity.

The green movement resonates deeply with Rishi Tea. As a local Milwaukee business that prides itself on offering high-quality organic and Fair Trade loose-leaf tea direct from origin, sustainability is a core company philosophy that stems from the organic tea gardens in which our tea is harvested.

While many of our teas are harvested in Asia, South Africa and India, we understand the importance of supporting our local Milwaukee community. Buying local, organic and Fair Trade are increasingly becoming more important. More and more people are conscious of the choices they have as a consumer and are compelled to learn where their products are coming from, under what conditions they are made, and what environmental consequences they may have.

It’s rather simple when you break it down. Buying local helps keep more money in our community. It’s something like .67 cents for every $1 spent locally, stays locally. Organizations like Our Milwaukee are helping build awareness on the importance of buying local. Many local shops and restaurants are adding more and more organic and fair trade products and foods to their menus. Organic is better for the environment, for the people working on the farms and for those consuming the goods. Fair Trade products directly support a better life for the workers and their communities through fair prices, fair wages, direct trade, safe working conditions, environmental sustainability, education and community development. Buying Fair Trade enables and empowers the artisans and farmers in the world’s most economically disadvantaged countries to compete in the global market.

We have to understand that our choices as consumers directly impact other lives. We have the opportunity to better the living and working conditions of artisans around the world, help preserve our environment and build a healthier world for all. Why not make a difference?

-Ghazal Sheei

Marketing Coordinator

Rishi Tea

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fair Trade Holiday Festival in Madison, WI

Join Rishi Tea and other fair trade vendors at the 12th Annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival in the beautiful Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday December 6th. Sample various fairly traded items, do some ethical holiday shopping and learn about this critical movement!

For more information and for a detailed list of vendors, please click the image below.

To learn more about Fair Trade, visit our Fair Trade FAQs.

From Farmer in Chief: Dear President Elect

Michael Pollan's recent article in the New York Times, "Farmer in Chief" is a compelling and thorough summary of food policy and America's food system. Well worth the read.
Open Letter to the President Elect by Farmer in Chief

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Organic Cinnamon Plum - Cold Brewed

Cold-brew champion, Susana at Rishi, is often a go-to for all things tea related. With an ever-growing knowledge of tea coupled with her undeniable passion for it, she's never at a loss for an original or creative idea, but this time, she managed to out do herself.

Part Cinnamon Plum (Rishi's new holiday blend), part apple cider, some fridge time, all deliciousness.

Organic Cinnamon Plum Cider Cold Brew. BEST COLD BREW EVER.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rishi Gets Out the Vote!

Who's that strikingly mysterious man in the dark sunnies below? Why that's Rishi Tea's very own Todd Nixdorf! The photo was snapped while Todd patiently waited for his democratic right to vote at the Bay View Public Library in Milwaukee this morning. Rishi encourages you to get out your vote too!

Photo from

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cold Brew Championship!

Today we had the first ever Rishi Tea cold brew championship! Cold brew is tea and water in a glass pitcher with a lid that sits in the fridge for a couple of hours. It really does give you a different flavor. To me it seems like it is more delicate.

Our two contestants were Osthmanthus Huang Guan Yin vs White Peony.

We love to make tea for each other at the Rishi offices. There are some of us who are obsessed with white tea (ME!), others with oolong, and others with Japanese green tea. It is quite nice because we all become experts in making the teas we love and we share that info with each other. First thing after I walked in I was challenged to a cold brew off. I am always up for a challenge and I feel that I lived up to that challenge.

I brewed Osthmanthus Huang Guan Yin and my colleague Todd choose one of his favorite cold brews, White Peony.

Osthmanthus Huang Guan Yin was officially declared the winner! The sweet nectar of osthmanthus flowers is so incredibly intoxicating. They infused beautifully into the sweet nectar of the oolong leaves.

Here is the secret to my winning cold brew:

Pour about 185 degree water over the leaves and let steep for about two or three minutes, this will help the leaves release their flavor. Then pour cold water into the pitcher and refrigerate for about three to four hours.

Now take my challenge to submit your favorite cold brew and cold brew secrets!

Right now I have Snow Sprout infusing with Chrysanthemum flowers. It will be ready in three hours. I will keep you updated!

-Susana Mojica