Monday, November 3, 2008

Cold Brew Championship!

Today we had the first ever Rishi Tea cold brew championship! Cold brew is tea and water in a glass pitcher with a lid that sits in the fridge for a couple of hours. It really does give you a different flavor. To me it seems like it is more delicate.

Our two contestants were Osthmanthus Huang Guan Yin vs White Peony.

We love to make tea for each other at the Rishi offices. There are some of us who are obsessed with white tea (ME!), others with oolong, and others with Japanese green tea. It is quite nice because we all become experts in making the teas we love and we share that info with each other. First thing after I walked in I was challenged to a cold brew off. I am always up for a challenge and I feel that I lived up to that challenge.

I brewed Osthmanthus Huang Guan Yin and my colleague Todd choose one of his favorite cold brews, White Peony.

Osthmanthus Huang Guan Yin was officially declared the winner! The sweet nectar of osthmanthus flowers is so incredibly intoxicating. They infused beautifully into the sweet nectar of the oolong leaves.

Here is the secret to my winning cold brew:

Pour about 185 degree water over the leaves and let steep for about two or three minutes, this will help the leaves release their flavor. Then pour cold water into the pitcher and refrigerate for about three to four hours.

Now take my challenge to submit your favorite cold brew and cold brew secrets!

Right now I have Snow Sprout infusing with Chrysanthemum flowers. It will be ready in three hours. I will keep you updated!

-Susana Mojica

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