Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 3: Three Rishi Original White Tea Blends

Week 3 of our Friday tastings brought us Peach Blossom, Mandarin Citrus and Plum Berry. These tastings are not only a chance for all of our Rishi Tea staffers to get to know all of the teas we offer but also to take a moment and enjoy what we do best, tea.
We are able to taste, learn and laugh.  We get to know the leaves and each other.  
What do you think about these 3 blends?  Do you have any questions about them?

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Unknown said...

Last year I tried some of your Peach Blossom tea at Tuvalu Coffee House in Verona, Wisconsin. After that first cup I persuaded them to sell me a little dry tea for the road. Since that time I've found it at local stores and have become a real fan. Do you suppose it's the taste of the tea alone, or the power of providing a product in a socially conscious and culturally respectful way that some how comes wafting through the the steam rising from my cup each morning? Either way, it's a great product and a great model for how to do business in a responsible manner.
Carl Whiting,
Madison Wisconsin