Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sencha Sakura in our cups warms our hearts

The skies outside are grey, the weather is chilly but the Sencha Sakura in our cups makes our hearts warm and tells us spring is here. Winters in Milwaukee can drag on and put a damper on the spirit. But the arrival of spring marks the awakening of the dormant state both we and nature experience.

Here in Milwaukee, our flowers appear later than they do in Japan, so at Rishi Tea we mark this joyous occasion with the launch of our beloved Sencha Sakura. Fukamushi sencha offers a deep rich infusion of Japanese tea filled with L-Theanine, our aid in increasing those dormant alpha brain waves. This tea is unique as it undergoes so much more than the addition of flavors or oils. This tea is scented with real cherry flowers and cured leaves of cherry trees. The flavor that the blossoms and leaves impart are what help transcend you to the experience of sitting under a cherry tree inhaling its wonderful aroma and essence of spring.

Sencha Sakura: warming to the heart, soothing to the soul and delicious on the palate.

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