Monday, February 15, 2010

Fair Trade YOUR Home

Fair Trade My Home is a grass-roots campaign of fair trade companies, individuals and organizations who are inviting friends and fans to join the fair trade movement and make their home a “Fair Trade Home.” The goal is to create as many self-declared Fair Trade Homes as possible by having people submit a photo or video showing which fair trade goods they regularly purchase and use in their home. Submit your photos and video to

The purpose of Fair Trade My Home is to raise greater awareness of fair trade to the American consumer, so that more people support fair trade buying habits, fair labor practices and help cut down on poverty both in America and around the world.
Currently, the U.S. has over 1,500 companies and retailers offering fair trade goods, 13 fair trade towns (Milwaukee being one!), and over 300 college campuses that support fair trade. We can grow the Fair Trade community by growing awareness!

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