Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NessAlla Kombucha

The first time I drank kombucha, my immediate reaction was to spit it back out as the fizzyness and sour taste took me by surprise. Now I've come to appreciate the carbonated, complex sweet and sour tastes of kombucha that can be made with endless varieties of tea. The numerous health benefits associated with it are also a big plus!

Some of the best kombucha I've tasted is made right here in Wisconsin by our friends at NessAlla Kombucha. The two wonderful ladies who created NessAlla are based in Madison and use only Organic and Fair Trade teas from Rishi Tea to brew their unbelievable kombuchas.

Stop by the East Side Green Market this Saturday from 10-2pm and taste some of their great brews.

You can also find the NessAlla ladies at the East Side Farmers Market in Madison every Tuesday from 4-7pm.

Some great NessAlla brews include Peach Blossom made with Rishi's Peach Blossom white tea, Jasmine made with Jasmine Green Tea, Mulberry Blueberry made with Blueberry Rooibos and Fresh Mulberries, Elder Flower Red Clover brewed with White Peony, Passion Fruit made with Passion Fruit Rooibos and White Peony.

Visit NessAlla's Facebook Page and drink up!


loose leaf tea lover said...

Kombucha is so delicious! I was even more impressed when I found out its made with tea. I am curious to try different varieties of loose leaf teas with it. I wonder how Rooibos with its fruity and nutty flavoring will do.

Rishi Tea said...

Thank you for the comment! We've experimented with different kombuchas here at the office but not yet with rooibos. The Blueberry Rooibos kombucha that NessAlla offers is really great although it's a rooibos blend with additional natural flavors. Let us know if you make your own and how it turns out!