Friday, January 30, 2009

Rishi Tea on Wisconsin Foodie!

We love food, we love Wisconsin, Wisconsin Foodie on WISN Channel 12 brings you the best of both. Tune in this Saturday at 12:30pm to see Rishi Tea's secret headquarters, learn what goes into professional tea cupping and meet a few of the people bringing you the best organic loose leaf tea direct from the source!

WISN Channel 12 @ 12:30pm! You can watch the show online once its posted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Too bad I missed the television event. I'm sure it was very exciting as well as a great opportunity to share more about who you are with those who love drinking your tea.

Rishi Tea said...

Thank you! Its a wonderful show and the segment turned out great. Sean O'Leary - our art director and tea buyer conducted a professional tea cupping on our Yunnan, China organic/fair trade teas. Its informative but fun so hopefully everyone could take something away from it. The show should be available online soon and when it is, we'll post it. Thanks for checking back and for the support!