Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fair Trade Talk & Tea Tasting

Celebrate Fair Trade Month in Milwaukee - the First Fair Trade City in the US!

Join Rishi Tea and Four Corners of the World on Thursday, October 23 from 7-8:30 pm at 5407 West Vilet Street in Milwaukee, WI for a Fair Trade tea tasting and presentation by Sean O'Leary, Art Director and Tea Buyer for Rishi Tea. Sean has traveled as a photojournalist and tea buyer to many tea producing countries and witnessed first hand the benefits of Fair Trade.

Students attend class at a new school funded by Fair Trade premiums from the sales of Rishi Tea's Ancient Tree teas. Yunnan, China.

In July of 2007, Mayor Tom Barrett signed a resolution introduced by Alderman Tony Zielinski establishing Milwaukee as the first Fair Trade city in the United States.

Fair Trade is making a huge impact in the world by empowering farmers and artisans with the business capacity necessary to compete in the global market. Fair Trade promotes economic justice by honoring a fair price for products, fair wages, safe working conditions, direct trade, environmental sustainability and community investment in developing countries worldwide.

Learn more about Fair Trade.

For a list of national Fair Trade events, visit TransFair USA.

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