Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rishi Tea at Slow Food Nation!

A Savory Success at Slow Food Nation!

San Francisco, CA - The inaugural Slow Food Nation event took place this past Labor Day weekend in San Francisco, drawing more than 60,000 foodies, connoisseurs and environmentally conscious consumers. The international Slow Food movement recognizes the direct connection between our plate and the planet and seeks to build a greater understanding of the role our food choices have on environmental wellness and sustainability. Slow Food, like Rishi Tea, supports fair and sustainable farming that protects the environment, our health and animal welfare, while preserving a food’s true taste.

Slow Food Nation was a wonderfully orchestrated four day tasting and educational event that helped many recognize the symbiotic relationship between food and our environment. The concept: Slow down to taste true food, understand its origins and production process. With 14 Slow Food tasting categories, many attendees revealed to us that slowing down to taste true tea was the most relaxing experience the event offered.

Rishi Tea staff were on hand infusing, serving and discussing the origins, traditions and production of artisanal tea. Among the rare offerings served were Organic Nishi First Flush Sencha, Golden Phoenix Oolong, Organic Fair Trade Ancient Pu-erh Palace, Organic Silver Needle Premium
and Da Hong Pao Oolong in intimate fifteen-minute sessions for groups of 7. Tea enthusiasts waited up to 30 minutes for a chance to taste premium teas from all over the world. Over 1000 att
endees sampled Rishi Tea throughout the event.

The Slow Food movement resonates deeply with Rishi Tea. Rishi Tea directly supports sustainable agriculture and social responsibility by offering an extensive variety of premium organic and Fair Trade Certified teas. Rishi Tea staff was honored to have the opportunity to serve tea in support of such a meaningful movement.

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